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  1. So what’s new on macOS Sierra 10.12 Final?
  2. 1. Ensure Your PC is Compatible
  3. The Easiest Way to Run Mac Software on Windows PC
  4. 5 Steps to Install macOS Sierra in VirtualBox on Windows 10 - Saint

If you're familiar with the hackintoshing process , you know that in an ideal world you'll be using a specific file, called a DSDT, that will help Mac OS X better understand your motherboard. Unless you know how to generate and edit one of these yourself you're going to want to get some help. To do that, read forums like tonymacx86 and InsanelyMac to see if anyone else has attempted hackintoshing the same hardware. If not, start a thread about the laptop you've got. Sometimes these attempts will be fruitless, but if you pick hardware that interests others you will get some attention.

Laptops require virtually the same hackintoshing process as desktops , but there will be a lot more trial and error since you didn't handpick the hardware. Generally it will take weeks of effort—and sometimes longer—if you're starting from scratch and the hardware you've got isn't essentially a Mac in PC's clothing. If you're jumping in on an existing forum thread so you can attempt hackintoshing a laptop that has been hackintoshed before or is at least in the process , it probably won't take quite so long.

That said, you're going to need to follow the specific instructions you find on the forum because no process is going to be exactly the same.

So what’s new on macOS Sierra 10.12 Final?

Knowing the desktop hackintoshing process will help, but it won't answer every question about your specific hardware. If you're looking to bypass some of the work, however, tonymacx86 has recently posted that the HP ProBook s XUUT is a very easily hackintoshable laptop:. It's unbelievable- everything works including wifi, audio, ethernet, sleep, two finger scrolling, media hotkeys, battery, dimming, card reader, bluetooth, and DVD drive. The keyboard is very Mac-like with a copy of their signature "chicklet" style keys, and a full number pad.

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Combined with a flawless install via UniBeast, I set up everything in under an hour. The main reason people buy PC laptops to hackintosh is because of the perceived cost savings. On the surface the lowest end Probook is an incredible deal. Unfortunately, once sacrifices are made in multiple areas, the user ends up with a substandard product both in quality and experience.

If you can live with the limitations, the Probook is a viable alternative. You can usually find a considerably discounted Mac on Apple.

1. Ensure Your PC is Compatible

Amazon and Newegg also have great prices on older Mac models at the time of refreshes. So, in the end, it's really more for fun than practicality. Very easy to understand However I am having issues at the very start of the cmd command. Any ideas? Also, Moving it to the C drive is not possible as it is full.. The reason I have it installed on the Hard Drive in the first place..

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It mostly likely could be the location of the drive indeed. Other than that if you find that all is correct, then what I might suggest for now is asking the guys over at Stack Overflow. I know this is from a few months ago, but you have to change the drive first…. Without doing this, it is still trying to run the commands on your C: Hello, After setting it up, it shows in system information that serial number is 0. And because of that, i cant log into some of the apple services such as Imessage and facetime.

Do you have a solution of how to get a serial number on my virtual machine. Please reply. Make sure that you have followed each of the steps correctly especially the part where you exit your VirtualBox before entering in your code and also make sure that your VirtualBox is on the latest version which is VirtualBox 5. Just double check that, but if the problem still persists then what you can do is check your system. I am running on a custom computer with a 4k monitor, how do I set up the code for 4k and upgrade the amount of graphics because I have 8Gb.

Try this guide: Hi Jake I have the sierra mac os for the first time. Thanks a lot. I just have a problem with the sound. Can i just copy and paste the above code with the correct Vm name into the cmd or do i need to do it line by line? It is working like a charm thank you!

The Easiest Way to Run Mac Software on Windows PC

For all you people having problems, the command line must be the cause of it. Just make sure that they are being typed correctly, as there is no feedback on input. I have virtual box installed on my 3rd drive; went through all the steps, and the commands on the command line just kept cycling through over and over again. Thanks for the article and thanks to those who posted their resolution on the comments!

Is it possible to run the update from the App Store? And if so what is needed to make it stick? Sorry for the wasted space. I should have been more patient. After I shut down the VM the updates installed without a hitch. This works like a champ! Much appreciated! Gracias amigo. That worked well. And thank you for being so responsive in your comments, it is very helpful.

I ran through the instructions but did not shut down VirtualBox the first time through. It did not work.

I tried to close and running step 4 again. I tried deleting everything and following the instructions perfectly. I tried running the command from the comments because someone mentioned that one of the characters in the article was bad. I had my Mac for a year. Now I got into unexpected debt, and have to sell it. This will be handy as a substitute for some small work I usually did on Mac.

System is installed on C: Hi Jake, im over my google drive limit and had to download 5 individual rar files. Do I open them and add them in virtualbox individually and in any order or do I need to combine them first before or after opening them then add to virtualbox.

5 Steps to Install macOS Sierra in VirtualBox on Windows 10 - Saint

Cheers Rob. Install winrar or 7zip then right click on the first rar file and extract the vmdk file and continue following the tutorial. Nice work and thanks!! Hello Jake Thank you for your great job,ive installed macOs sierra couple month ago and it work perfectly. I just uptande my iphone to ios I have a bit PC running Windows Any idea why this is or how I can fix it? Virtualization is on but I could only choose bit Snow Leopard.

I have bit Windows 10 PC.

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  • Hi, I am stuck in the coding. After you said, you will see some geeky coding just let it sit and then you will be at Sierra instruction part. The geeky coding up sits and I am not able to get to the Sierra instruction part.

    HACKINTOSH GUIDE - How to Install macOS Mojave on PC from Windows

    Please help. If you are having issues, use the commands presented by Asad while they are still available. All the others have issues with spacing and slashes.