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  1. Setting Up Wildcard DNS on Localhost Domains on OSX
  2. wildcard DNS record on OS X in localhost development with dnsmasq · GitHub
  3. Configure Mac OS X

Setting Up Wildcard DNS on Localhost Domains on OSX

The original question as I understand it is not about apache at all but on the networking level so I think your response misses the point: Please note that when using a pac file to proxy requests to a host e. You need to reload dnsmasq to take effect for the changes! Immanuel Immanuel 51 1. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

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wildcard DNS record on OS X in localhost development with dnsmasq · GitHub

I searched this term and didn't find my answer: It would be nice to have a simple way to use my own TLD for building test sites. Buck Buck 2 8 Should I have clarified that I searched "askubuntu"? Bruno Mucelini Mergen 3 2. Rinzwind Rinzwind k 28 Ok, this DID work! Although if nothing works, then via the browser is the most important. Luciano DisplayName DisplayName 26 1 6.

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G-Man I know, that's why I want some Application to do this. Scott The title was misleading ok, but the last says what I want. What's the use case and maybe we can direct you towards a better solution. Consider installing a program called DNSMasq , which lets you create a kind of wildcard: Quill Quill 2 If you read my question you would have seen that I tried to install dnsmasq. I tried 8 different guides but none of them worked. Install something like RequestPolicy.

Configure Mac OS X

RequestPolicy is Firefox-only as far as I know. I believe uBlock or uMatrix might be able to do something similar for Chrome. Open Manage Policies.

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