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When you connect your MacBook Air to your Chromecast you can:. Audio sharing is not supported when using Chromecast to cast a tab or mirror your desktop on a TV. You can only play audio when using the Cast file feature to share a video or a sound file.

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In Chrome, click the Chromecast icon located toward the top right of the display. This will open a list of available Chromecast devices with a Sources tab at the bottom.

Apple 30W USB-C Power Adapter

Click Sources , then click Cast tab. Once connected, you will see a blue circle surrounding a square. Your tab is now being displayed on your TV. If you want to share a different tab to your TV, you must first stop casting the current tab. To do this, simply click the Chromecast icon again, then click the blue circle and square.

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Once you have disconnected, go to the new tab you want to share and repeat steps 5 and 6. When you're finished casting and want to disconnect from your TV, click the Chromecast tab in Chrome and click the blue circle and square. Alternatively, you can simply close the browser tab. Click Sources , then click Cast desktop. You will see a pop up on your MacBook Air informing you that Chrome wants to share your display.

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Click Share to confirm. To disconnect from your TV, click the Chromecast tab in Chrome, then click the blue circle and square next to your TV connection. Click Sources , then click Cast file. This dock allows you to connect multiple devices in a single cable keeping your connection easier than ever. The 4K UHD also allows you to watch and transfer full HD videos as clear as possible maintaining the speed of your file transfer. Daisy chaining a total of five Thunderbolt devices is also allowed.

Like the other docks, this dock allows you to charge your gadgets even if your desktop is shut down or offline through the front-facing USB port. Additionally, a separate 5.

Mini DisplayPort - Wikipedia

Although it has not provided so much information, the Akitio Thunder 2 Dock weighs up to 2. With its 6. Unlike some of the docking stations, StarTech Thunderbolt 2 4K Dock enables you to connect multiple devices at once with its vast expansion of more connection ports. It combines two 10 Gbps paths that delivers speed twice as fast as the Thunderbolt 1 and four times faster than the USB 3. It assures an incomparable, efficient and reliable high-speed performance as you work on your output and transfer your files.

With the 4K cinema resolution x p , videos becomes crystal clear and the images appear in a high-quality resolution. As you work in a higher speed, the dock allows you to connect and daisy chain multiple devices, charge your handheld devices without your laptop connected, and even leave your major peripherals connected to the dock. With its 3 full speed USB 3. The dock is designed with two Thunderbolt 2 ports with one connected to your desktop and the other to be used to backup your files using the high-speed Thunderbolt hard drive.

It also support a dependable wired network connection through the Gigabit Ethernet port. With this dock, you can easily plug your devices and go on through your desired connections. It also includes an auxiliary audio in and out combo port. Its speed transfer is twice as fast as the Thunderbolt 1 with an estimate of 20 Gigabits per second, four times faster than USB 3. Before purchasing a Thunderbolt Dock, you must consider what dock and port you need.

The listed Thunderbolts above are guaranteed to be the best Thunderbolt Docks; you just have to compare the best one according to your taste. Show all. You can follow him on Twitter for tweets and rants about latest news, tips and advice on digital marketing.

Connect to HDMI from your Mac

Related posts. Comments are closed. It snaps right into place in your two MacBook Pro ports, turning it into eight different ports including replacing the two USB-C ports you lost. You'll never have to dangle your dongle from the side of your MacBook Pro again. This is the little hub that could.

It's nearly as powerful as a docking station, but costs a fraction and doesn't take up almost as much space. It's basic but useful and reliable. Sometimes, even while you're away from home, you need the versatility of being able to plug a bunch of different peripherals into your MacBook Pro while you work. Totu's hub is perfect for you. With USB 3.

MacBook Air USB Adapter

Are you dizzy yet? For all-around flexibility, the Powlaken hub offers expandability in a tiny box. There are four USB-A ports; two 3.

You won't leave home without it either; it's small enough to fit in your back pocket. Hubs are designed to make your MacBook Pro more versatile, providing several different ports. They also tend to be more portable because they're lighter and smaller and don't usually need their own wall plug. Adapters are the simplest peripherals for port versatility.

They're the least expensive, but also the least versatile. You may not need 4K or 5K display support, high-speed data transfer, or 12 different things plugged into your MacBook Pro at the same time.