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Realistically you could plug it into a computer, but that would sorta defeat the purpose. Some Android tablets have a native USB port which means you can potentially plug it straight in depending on power drain requirements. I lack such a tablet and thus have to use the little dongle thing. After it enumerates the activities you can view some basic information about them. The real key here is the ability to then share or post these to various online services like Strava, Training Peaks and even Garmin Connect:. As an interesting aside — this method does actually work with the Garmin FR — and in fact I broke it out and charged it all up just to test with!

I prefer the smaller sticks, like the new Garmin one , or the Suunto one. This is within the Settings and then System and then Data Transfer area. If you have an Android phone, you can follow very similar steps. Finally, one last option.

Pop it in, and then tap to get or choose activities straight off the MicroSD card. Quick and efficient.

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My understanding from Wahoo is it does work just fine with the Lightening Adapter making one gigantic adapter. The Wahoo app will go off and find the watch, and then prompt you to accept the connection. Unlike the Android downloader, the Wahoo App allows you to pick specific workouts, thus reducing the time to wait the Android app grabs all of them, taking forever :.

Note that this all works exactly the same on the iPhone, as well as as the iPod. I often use this method to download workouts while in taxis on the way to the airport from my phone to Training Peaks. Yup, I tried. Windows Surface RT has pretty much the exact opposite problem of the iPad. Pretty much all works as normal:. This method also works just fine with the USB-connected non-Edge units as well. But hey, this works reasonably well all things considered.

Not finding what you're looking for? We're here to help.

Trying to make sense of it all? Android: Basically everything, one way or another. Again, does NOT work. If there are other tablets that folks are looking for solutions on or have solutions for , by all means feel free to drop them below into the comments — information sharing is always good!

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  • Same goes for other non-Garmin devices. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked. If you would like a profile picture, simply register at Gravatar , which works here on DCR and across the web. Subscribe me to the newsletter.

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    Collegare samsung s4 mini al mac

    Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can click here to Subscribe without commenting. True, I was aiming to stay away from the jailbroken options — merely because while that does open the door up to lots of USB uploading option, it also puts folks in a bit of an odd state. We almost got it to work.

    So the app is unable to download big workouts. I must say that I have not tried with my usb dongle and a usb otg cable, a solutin that has to work. So you can watch your favorite Youtube channel on one screen and your stats on the other. Nothing for Surface RT. See this post for more options: link to dcrainmaker. IpBike rather than IpWatts. Then you can customise the display the way you want it and potentially use the workout system to take you though your session with suitable prompts about target zones etc. Finally you can upload the session directly from the app to a good number of sites.


    IpWatts is really just for getting the data from multiple power meters simultaneously. I am an linux user, and hated the fact that I still regulary needed an windows PC for syncing my workouts. But in return you get regular updates. On Linux you can use the Garmin-ForerunnerExtractor link to github. That is how download them from my xt.

    Really useless without purchasing. Yes — Agree. I was disappointed to discover that too and i felt it was rather misleading.

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    • It was rather pointless having my Garmin Swim data on the phone, as I could see more detail browsing it directly on the watch. So I have two swim sessions which I cannot seem to get onto my Garmin Connect account. I deleted ST Uploader in disgust, so even if the files were on my Android device, they now seem to be gone, so I cannot attempt a manual upload even if I could find the raw. Does anyone have a solution to this problem? Is there any way to fetch.

      They require special drivers. Either way, here is a cheaper place to get the mini stick: link to digikey. Guessing it was a way to save a couple pennies. Not really an issue for a stationary notebook, but more of a concern if used on a bike. While full Windows 8 tablets e. For example, SportsTracks 3 does not fit the resolution of the typical Even auto-rotate does not reveal the charts section.

      Garmin Training Center fits better and almost all the functionality is available, albeit tiny.

      Collegare samsung s4 mini al mac

      Until some of the programs are modified for tablets, it kind of defeats the purpose of traveling with a GPS watch and a Windows tablet, if you have to bring along a laptop to analyze the data. Any sense about how and if possible to connect Nike Sportswatch to iPad in similar fashion? Not necessarily to nike site but through an aggregator app like Runmeter.

      Great writeup. Also the USB key does matter. Mine was the older version, from an old FR50 or Garmin I snagged one of the others from a newer device and it worked well. From: link to sportablet. USB1 keys are not supported at this time. Thanks for another clear and detailed tutorial, you rule! Thank you! Just read this after downloading my morning ride using my Nexus 10 and edge with otg cable.


      I use the Nexus Media Importer app to get my activity data to Strava. The xt and Sony Xperia combo makes for a very streamlined easy squeezy way to upload data. Sounds like another way to streamline uploading. Technically it uploads to the Wahoo App just fine, but I find that the data once transferred to Garmin Connect ends up a bit wonky. True, though, I find that the data comes out all wonky once you upload it to Garmin Connect. Are you getting clean data after the upload? At least it was transfered to the iPhone via Wahoo. So I cannot say what will show up in Garmin Connect. But if you have tested it already ….

      Hey, Is there anywhere a comparison between the different training logging programs on your website? No, nothing at present. Ray How to upload running data from garmin forerunner with an iPhone 4S? Thanks for your post and blog. No, unfortunately not. The Android app guys did reverse engineer it though for their app. Hello ray Thanks for the post and your blog. I am a French fan. How to upload data from garmin with an iPhone 4S?

      Another solution?