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If the sync is unsuccessful, please log out and log back into the desktop. To avoid data loss, be sure to make note of any unsynced entries which will then need to be added manually. Editing your time entries in the desktop app has the same basics — just click on the entry you wish to edit and a similar popup window appears. Changes are saved automatically. To continue a time entry, just click on the arrow button next to the time entry. To rearrange your data and move an entry to a different date use drag-and-drop:. Projects can be added while editing time entries, including the one currently running.

From where you can define the project name, color customizable colors available on paid plans only , workspace and client.

To edit the settings of your desktop agent, just click Toggl Desktop in the menu bar and then choose Preferences. Preferences are divided into 4 tabs, and shown one section at a time.

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This will work even when the app is not in focus. The notification will popup after an X number of minutes as set in your preferences. After the notification has popped up, you can decide whether you want to keep the time or discard it. Pomodoro timer: Allows users to use the Pomodoro Technnique to improve productivity.

You can setup intervals for work Pomodoro Timer and break Pomodoro Break Timer cycles, and get notified when it's time to stop working or when the break time runs out. Clicking Continue at the end of a break cycle restarts the last time entry you were using. Clicking Continue at the end of a work cycle continues the running time entry.

Quickly show desktop in Mac OS X (gesture or hotkey)

Record timeline: If you tick this option, all websites and programs that you view for longer than 10 seconds will be recorded. You can learn more about this feature here. We hope to have this available in the desktop app soon! Default project: Pick one project that you use the most, and fill it in automatically whenever you start a time-entry without a project. If needed you can still change the project for both running and stopped time-entries.